You may already know how to modify and create individual Quick Styles in Microsoft Word. This time, you’ll learn how to go one step further by creating and switching between sets of Quick Styles.

You can make every company document look the same by reusing your own Quick Style Set!

What is a Quick Style Set?

When you open up Word, a default Quick Style Set already appears and is applied to the document.

This screenshot shows the default Word 2010 style set.

A style set is a saved group of individual styles that define the body text, headings, title, subtitle, lists, and any other type of text that might be needed.

How do I change the Quick Style Set?

Microsoft Word comes with a number of style sets ready for your use. To quickly change to a different set (and see your document with a new look):

  1. Click on the Change Styles button to the right of the styles list.
  2. Go to Style Set.
  3. Select the style set you want from the list.

This screenshot shows a list of already available style sets (Default, Distinctive, Elegant, etc.) and custom, saved sets (HTS, HTS Final, etc.).

If you’ve already applied styles to a document, they will be updated to the new look. You can see a drastic change between versions of your document!

This document began with the default Word 2010 style set.

The same document, with the Distinctive style set applied.

How do I create and save my own Quick Style Set?

Creating your own style set is easy!

  1. Begin with an existing style set and modify each style.
  2. Delete any unnecessary styles by right clicking on them and selecting Remove from Quick Style Gallery.
  3. When you are done modifying styles, go to Change Styles > Save As Quick Style Set (the very last option in the list).
  4. Give your style set a name and click Save.

Now, anytime you want to apply this look and feel to a document, you need only go to Change Styles > Style Sets and select your own.