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What you need to achieve and maintain compliance with insurance policy requirements and consumer information protection laws.

Multi Factor Authentication

Usernames and passwords are not enough to protect you

Remote Monitoring & Maintenance

Monitor your infrastructure and
keep it compliant

Security Operations Center

Watching, triangulate and respond to events

Endpoint Security Software

Attacks happen at the edge - identify and stop the threats


Sensitive data cannot get into
the bad guys hands

Threat Hunting

Don’t wait for the breach,
hunt down the threats

Email Protection

Deal with malware, phishing and other malicous content



Building Your Cybersecurity Posture

Govern • Identify • Protect • Detect • Respond • Recover

“Right in the middle of the government shut down our agency brought on a new employee. With only the two LEAST techy people still operating in the office, Mythos was able to remotely get the new hire’s computer set up with little to no help from us. They were fast and thorough. It was a huge weight lifted when they “just took care of it” like they always do.”

Kristine L.

NIST – Identifying What You Need to Protect

By Stefani Laszko | July 28, 2020

By James Laszko In my previous article NIST – Achieving Alignment in Cybersecurity we discussed how the National Institute of…

NIST – Achieving Alignment in Cybersecurity

By Stefani Laszko | June 24, 2020

Technology has always been a dynamic market. Traditional focus has moved from a hardware/software to virtualization and the cloud but…