"The Mythos Team has been wonderful to us and it is so hard to pick out just a few nice things to say but here are a few great things the Mythos team has done in the last 13 weeks.

  1. When calling in Ashleigh always took the time to ask how we were doing, she routed the call to the technician so the ticket could be handled promptly but also took the time to see how we were doing. She truly cares about the wellbeing of all your clients.
  2. Tristan was instrumental in helping our team acquire the necessary licenses to allow our team to work from home. We asked for the additional licenses and it was almost instantly we had them.  
  3. The entire Tech Team assisted all of employees setting up our employees so they could log in from home. The Mythos team was kind and professional always helpful.
  4. The transition for your team working from home was so seamless that some of our employees did not realize you all were working from home. Your excellent service remained a constant.  

You guys are the best!"

Barbara F.


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