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Tips, tricks and techniques for mastering Word

used with permission from HP Technology at Work As ubiquitous as Microsoft® Word is on our work computers, it’s amazing just how few of its powerful features most people actually use. Many of us get by using the bare minimum of options, but getting the most out of Word is not just about the features…

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What IT Can You Outsource?

used with permission from HTS Outsourcing your IT (often called managed IT services) has many benefits for small- to medium-sized businesses. Businesses without large IT staffs or the necessary tech skills or infrastructure often choose managed services to take the place of or supplement their own IT professionals. This allows for Flexibility when growing or…

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Windows XP: Time is running out, are you ready?

used with permission from HTS One of the most popular and longest lived Microsoft operating systems that we all know and love, Windows XP, has almost run its course. The clock is ticking… And on April 8, 2014, Windows XP will officially be “dead”, with no more extended support, and—more importantly—no more security patches. Hopefully,…

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