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Password protect OneNote notes

used with permission from Microsoft by Dail Bridges Do you use OneNote to collaborate on a large team and want to make sure one group doesn’t see the budget? Or do you want to share a notebook with photographs from your last trip and want your friends to see all of them but not your family? …

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What You Need to Know about Voice and Conferencing

used with permission from Cisco Combining your company’s voice and data systems makes it easier to keep in touch and share information. By unifying your business’ phone and computer network, team members can easily find each other, wherever they are, and customers and prospects can be quickly routed to the best resources. As your business…

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Get smart about security

used with permission from HP Technology at Work Congratulations, you’ve taken every step to secure data on your networks and PCs against increasingly malicious worms, Trojans and viruses. But don’t rest easy. All infrastructure elements, including printers, servers, storage, Wi-Fi networks and cloud computing are just as susceptible to surprising security threats. Forget them and…

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