used with permission from Microsoft
by Dail Bridges

Do you use OneNote to collaborate on a large team and want to make sure one group doesn’t see the budget? Or do you want to share a notebook with photographs from your last trip and want your friends to see all of them but not your family?  Or what if your laptop is stolen, do you want your information to be safe? Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to know how to password protect sections of your OneNote notebook. It’s pretty simple. Just follow the steps below.

NOTE:  Passwords can be applied only to individual sections, and not to entire notebooks.

To password protect a notebook section:

  1. Open the OneNote notebook section that you want to password protect, right-click the section tab, and choose Password Protect this Section. 
  2. In the Password Protection taskpane that opens on the right, choose Set Password, and enter your password in the Password Protection dialog box.

One more tip:  Password-protected sections aren’t included in the results when you search a notebook. To include them, unlock the password-protected sections.