Business Continuity

Cloud Services May be a Game-Changer for Business

The article re-printed courtesy of IBM ForwardView eMagazine Midsized companies are moving toward an infrastructure that is optimized and responsive to help them meet new business demands. This article in our series looks at the short- and long-term benefits of cloud computing and how midsized companies can start integrating some cloud services into their existing…

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Does Your Business Have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

by Natassia Roman, Operations Manager In wake of last month’s Hurricane Sandy, we are reminded once again that you can never be too prepared. Though in California we do not experience hurricanes, we are at risk of earthquakes, fires and in some areas flooding. After a disaster, much attention is focused on the immediate damage…

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Top 3 Myths of the Cloud

by Stefani Laszko Whenever new products or services hit the marketplace, incorrect information starts to fly around as well. This is especially true in the technology field, where new “experts” seem to pop up daily. Though cloud computing (also known as virtualization) has been around since the 1960’s it’s just become especially relevant to the…

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